What you’ll learn

The modules are based on the 6 crucial competency areas, which are essential for global leaders in the 21st century.

Authentic Leadership

1.     Leadership Challenges in the 21st century, key lessons learned & human greatness model

The thrill of becoming a global leader and attaining overall greatness

  • Key challenges global leaders face nowadays based on consolidated personal lessons from 90+ global projects and companies across 25 different countries
  • Core tasks highly effective global leaders have to perform in order to thrive
  • The most important key conclusions for becoming a powerful global leader: the 5 key skills you have to master so as to stand out
  • Introduction to the Leadership Greatness Model (TM) “FASCINADE” based on what life and global leadership has taught me over the last 25 years

2.     The secrets of the successful global leader’s mind – Part 1

The Leadership Greatness Model for unleashing the power of creating shared value


When you “accomplish the sheer impossible” in spite of lacking experience, moral support or other essential resources

Part 1 – Focus, Clarity, Authentic Presence, Shining Coalition , Commitment & Courage, Initiating Results

  • How the law of preference drives you towards your goals despite fear and self-doubt
  • How to build up courage so as to stick to your commitments, and overcoming mental barriers
  • How to build a “shining” coalition, taking you to the peak of your individual performance
  • The 4 crucial steps, the “WWWW”-formula to self-mastery and becoming an outstanding personality

3.     The secrets of the successful global leader’s mind – Part 2

The Leadership Greatness Model for unleashing the power of creating shared value


When you “accomplish the sheer impossible” in spite of lacking experience, moral support and other essential resources

Part 2 – How Passion & Authenticity fuel “FASCINADE” and make you stand out

  • Key traits and skills of an outstanding global leader
  • How to gain enormous credibility despite lacking experience
  • Learn the circle of sustainable influence
  • How “FASCINADE” drives team & project performance and human greatness

4.     Authenticity: The single most important trait making you stand out from the crowd

When global leaders don’t do the obvious although they know better


How you become a “POP” star, making you stand out from the crowd and generating an enormous impact on the bottom line

  • What authenticity really means, both in your life and business
  • How to overcome the credibility crisis in the 21st century or what you really need to win the hearts of people and clients
  • How much the lack of authenticity costs you
  • Authenticity: The quantitative impact on the bottom line based on 2 1/2 decades of global leadership experience gained across 8 industries and while running 90+ megaprojects all over the world
  • Secrets revealed: Understand the 4 layers of authenticity and what it takes for you to gain influence and natural power so as to become a real “POP” star
  • Powerful patterns of authentic people
  • The hidden secrets of a proven blueprint for becoming an authentic leader
  • Introduction and an applied case to the Shared Value Creation Model

(Self) Empowerment

5.     L.E.A.D intelligence: The basis for empowering yourself on the path towards leadership greatness

Tap the L.E.A.D intelligence for becoming an outstanding leader in the 21st century


Learn the real reasons that so many leaders fail

  • Learn what L.E.A.D intelligence means as the crucial basis for empowering yourself
  • The authenticity inventory and the 9 archetypes of authentic personalities
  • Learn to apply the authenticity inventory so as to discover your path towards greatness

6.     The self-empowerment formula for making you a “POP Star”

The hidden secrets behind a formula empowering you to become a “POP” star both in life and leadership


How to unleash the other 90% of your true potential

  • The key for becoming an outstanding leader and unleashing your full potential: The “self-empowerment formula”
  • Understanding the key ingredient for success: “Do what you love” or “love what you do”
  • Secrets revealed: A powerful blueprint for finding your true purpose as a leader and fueling leadership success
  • Proven techniques & tools for overcoming fear and self-doubt
  • Hidden secrets behind developing more courage as a key ingredient for authentic leadership and becoming a POP star
  • A proven blueprint for the path towards your greatness

7.     People: Empowering your most valuable treasure

How to ignite the fire inside your employees and turn them into intra-preneurs “accomplishing the impossible”


How you can gain an unbeatable advantage by learning the hidden secrets of real empowerment

  • What leadership has to do with empowerment
  • Understand the essence of being a CEO in the 21st century – Chief Empowerment Officer
  • Learn how to create the ideal environment so that people work with passion and live up to their true calling
  • 8 success principles for boosting ABILITY as one of the key ingredients for real empowerment
  • Hidden secrets behind driving CAPABILTY as the second cornerstone of empowerment
  • Incentive programs that really work
  • Pulling everything together: A proven blueprint for turning your employees into passionate and high-performing intra-preneurs, making an authentic difference in the 21st century

Global Intelligence

8.     Global intelligence

The hidden secrets of answering 7 key questions, empowering you to stand out in any culture:

  • How to positively influence clients and stakeholders in foreign cultures
  • How to become more emotionally resilient
  • How to successfully settle or prevent conflict
  • How to build & earn trust in an inter-cultural setting
  • How to empower people in emerging markets and developing countries
  • What traits make me stand out as a global leader?
  • How do I cope with stress when working abroad?

Emerging Market Success

9.     Meet the golden prerequisite before you go international

8 keys you have to know before you go international


When even experienced companies fail to make significant inroads

  • Do money, firm size, economic distance and experience really matter?
  • Introduction to a solid 5 step blueprint for establishing a footprint in the most attractive markets in the world
  • A glance at the most attractive markets and sectors in the world
  • 8 crucial awareness factors sharpening your global mindset and securing a highly effective market entry
  • 3 final questions to be answered before you move abroad

10.           Secrets behind powerful market & business strategies revealed

How I learned the amazing secret of crafting one of the most powerful market (entry) strategies in less than 5 days: Insights from more than 20 years of relevant experience.


When companies spend millions on strategy and market development and fail, while others apply a few key elements for outlining powerful strategies and succeed

  • Insight into a proven blueprint for defining unbeatable market entry strategies
  • Why you can forget about SWOT – and other analysis tools and what really matters
  • The client portfolio analysis for revealing your most attractive clients
  • What nobody told you so far: Apply the most powerful weapon for winning clients in any culture and gaining an edge over your competitors – the customer perceived value analysis (CPV)
  • Get access to the CPV tool – easy to use and with an enormous impact on your bottom line
  • How positive customer perceived value increases your market share
  • Hidden secrets behind 2 impressive strategic weapons: Value map & attribute chart
  • For those who have even less time or budget: Take the fast track strategy solution and still beat your competitors

11.           The thrill of conquering an emerging market like India

Key success principles for turning around a gloomy situation & becoming a market leader in the fastest-growing democracy in the world in less than 18 months


The hidden key success principles behind establishing a footprint in emerging markets

  • How and why focus & niche strategies lead to sustainable success
  • The leadership greatness model FASCINADE applied to successfully enter and operate in new markets
  • Learn from the champions how to reach market excellence in 4 major areas
  • The absolute minimum you have to take care of when entering new markets: 12 critical key success factors for a successful market entry against all odds
  • 8 reasons why companies often fail
  • An exact blueprint for a high-impact market entry

High-Impact Partnerships

12.           The art of building & managing successful partnerships

Secrets revealed: How to build high-impact joint ventures and strategic alliance while most companies miserably fail

  • 9 illustrative real-life cases for revealing why strategic alliances or joint ventures fail
  • 7 critical success factors derived from 36 different success attributes for finding the perfect mode of collaboration so as to maximize performance & strategic positioning (analytic hierarchic process)
  • A portfolio analysis for assessing partnerships
  • A proven decision-making framework for selecting the right partner and successfully managing joint ventures or strategic alliances

(Large) Project Success

13.           Hidden secrets behind the failure and success of large international projects

Essential lessons from large international projects that failed or succeeded


Why almost 50% of all projects still fail when measured against cost, time and quality

  • 5 illustrative cases revealing the essential lessons learned why international projects fail or succeed
  • An in-depth analysis of 28 attributes leading to project failure
  • The old & new way of (managing) leading projects
  • Why the management of international projects is one of the most demanding leadership tasks
  • Critical success factors for managing and leading successful international projects derived from the lessons learned

14.           Learn the key success principles for highly effective leadership of complex, large and international projects

10 critical key success factors for managing and leading successfully international projects

  • The relevant skills for leading projects in the 21st century
  • How you can effectively influence project sponsors and stakeholders
  • Add more value to the project sponsor and project, thus gaining the essential advantage
  • Know the 10 pitfalls of cost estimates
  • How to create the right project organization
  • Build your shining coalition early enough
  • Know the pitfalls of international contracts
  • The secrets behind setting and achieving goals
  • Exact blueprint for successfully leading complex & international projects