Do you want to attain business success in a global environment
and maximize share value through creating shared value?

Then I am looking forward to working with you!

In the face of complex challenges in the 21st century most people still tend to seek suitable solutions in deeply functional expertise in one area, while the problems we face spill over every imaginable boundary. All this leads often to deeply fragmented solutions to problems that require in fact an Integral approach.

Global Confessions reveals the essential key competencies in 6 relevant areas for attaining international business success and the new global consciousness of leadership for maximizing share value through shared value. Global Confessions is based on video seminars blended with live mentoring and integration workshops, which cuts your normal training cost by more than 50%. Depending on the specific needs of your corporation we offer advanced courses as depicted in the chart below.

  • The Foundation is the Global Confessions Program¬†(TAKE-OFF).
  • In addition to the foundation, companies have the golden opportunity to accelerate their business success through an Integration Workshop with the ACCELERATE program. This ensures that the concepts and methods of the program are adapted to your organization and your specific situation.
  • Last but not least you may advance to the SHINE level by obtaining a Certificate in Global Leadership for your organization.


Global Confessions is an investment in your company


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