Global Confessions offers proven solutions to
maximize value and master challenges in a global environment!

It reveals the key fundamentals of 6 essential competencies empowering leaders, entrepreneurs and project leaders to:

  • Manage complex & international projects on time and within budget, seizing that golden opportunity to cut costs by another 10%
  • Enter into new (emerging) markets successfully, even if you lack profound experience, market knowledge or management support
  • Ignite the fire within your employees to increase overall productivity
  • Stand out as an authentic leader, earning the highest degree of credibility and trust while making a real difference on a global scale
  • Build a collaborative platform for creating shared value to gain an unbeatable advantage in the 21st century

True empowerment for reaching tangible results

Empowerment means continuous mentoring. Live webinars are therefore an integral part of Global Confessions and take place on a regular basis. Furthermore, participants get access to a powerful toolkit of management tools and become members of a community of global leaders.

Global Confessions delivers great value:

  • Based on 100% knowledge and experience – access to critical key success factors, a unique leadership paradigm and proven blueprints
  • Lessons from an entrepreneur and expert who has been living and breathing authentic & global leadership for more than two decades under highly demanding conditions
  • Easy access and various learning forms (Online, Mobile, Audio, Video) save a considerable amount of time and teach, in the most effective and efficient way, the core essence of what it takes to power global success
  • Participants become life-long members of an exclusive community
  • Live coaching with a leading expert accelerates empowerment


Learn wherever and whenever you’d like –
on any audio or video device!

Global Confessions delivers the perfect solution for the busy manager in an international environment: a set of video based modules which teach in a highly effective and efficient way, what it really takes to attain tangible results in a complex business environment.

Global Confessions can be consumed in various ways. The content is available on-the-go (audio and video download to a mobile device), as an online video training program in a dedicated membership area, and even as a DVD and Audio-CD set. Wheter if you are in the office, at home, on an airplane, in a car or at the gym, you’ll always have the right medium available for any situation. 

It is designed for seamless playback not just on your computer, but on your iPod, iPad or virtually any other multimedia player. It looks simply gorgeous on your iPod, iPad or any other player. Thanks to our easy download technology, you can transfer it to any multimedia player as easy as 1-2-3. The content is available in MP3 audio format, accompanied with a slide deck, interactive workbooks and additional resources to support every learning style. 

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