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Todays businesses face tough challenges!


  • More than 50% of all international projects fail
  • 37% of all international managers do not meet their objectives
  • 77% of all employees do not trust their managers
  • 63% do not believe in what leaders say
  • 83% believe that managers work just for their own benefit
  • Less than 40% of the workforce is truly committed or connected to their boss or company

At the same time humanity faces the biggest challenge in its history: a global economy that is outgrowing the capacity of the earth to support it. Furthermore employees are seeking more meaning and opportunities to live up to their vocation in the workplace which makes the job of leaders even more demanding.

A question – and finding the answer while
running a M500 US$ project at the age of 27


Andreas Dudas

What guarantees sustainable business success and growth on Earth in the 21st century, especially within a globalized world where intercultural barriers exacerbate the challenges?

More than 20 years ago when I just turned 27 I was asked to run a M500 US$ project because my boss had died in an airplane crash. From the very beginning I faced criticism, envy and resentment. My lack of experience or proven track record forced me to find my personal success principles for becoming an effective leader. These principles included the following essential requirements:

  1. Earning trust
  2. Building up a high degree of credibility
  3. Igniting the fire inside my team, in order to successfully cope with a gigantic challenge

Over the next 5 years, I started to apply a new consciousness of leadership characterized by the courage to be fully authentic in all aspects of life and leadership and to believe in myself and to live up to my personal principles and values with total determination. All this opened the door to mutual trust, collaboration, and last but not least, to attaining sweeping business success while simultaneously maximizing shared value. As a consequence my team and I did not only complete the project on time and budget but also cut cost by nearly M50 US$.

Key findings for leaders in the 21st century


My most important key finding at this point in time was: The consciousness of leadership & success principles I found did not only result in a maximum profit but also showed me their power for meeting some of the most demanding challenges we as leaders and human beings face in the 21st century.

As a consequence I applied repeatedly my key success principles and the new global consciousness of leadership over more than 2 decades in over 25 different countries so as to successfully run multi-billion Dollar infrastructure & power projects, restructure difficult and failing ventures in complex emerging markets or settling intractable conflicts. While coping with such challenges I realized that the traditional knowledge in management and leadership is not sufficient anymore for attaining sustainable business success in the 21st century.

Therefore I have decided to condense all my success stories, key fundamentals and international management experience into Global Confessions – a solution power pack for international leaders consisting of video seminars, online webinars, individual coachings and in-house workshops.

What Global Confessions really is


Global Confessions is neither a training program nor a seminar.  It is a solution power package drawing on 100% knowledge gained in over 25 different countries and revealing effective solutions through a new consciousness of global leadership and proven tools from 6 essential competency areas.


The solution package empowers leaders and project managers to attain sustainable business success in a global environment and to maximize share value through creating shared value.

  • While 77% of employees do not trust their boss anymore, 
    you learn on how to fascinate through the highest degree of credibility
  • While less than 40% are truly committed, 
    you know on how to ignite the fire within your employees,
    turn them into intra-preneurs and increase overall productivity
  • While 37% of all international managers fail
    you learn the 7 key principles making you stand out in any culture
  • While many companies spend millions on market entry and do not reach their targets, 
    you know on how to effectively enter into new (emerging) markets
    even if you lack profound experience, market knowledge or management support
  • While more than 50 % of all international projects fail, 
    you run them on time and budget and cut cost y another 10%
  • While 70% of all partnerships fail, 
    you know on how to build an arena of trust.

Global Confessions is available through various packages. Thanks to innovative methods combined with individual coachings and integration workshops you both receive highly effective solutions and save more than 50% compared to any other solution.


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