YOU have the capacity to create the world as a better place for yourself and others: passion, purpose and authenticity are the keys for both attaining greatness in life & leadership. Each, in turn, creates enormous value for the entire humanity.

Andreas Dudas is an expert for authentic & global leadership in the 21st century, international speaker & author. He is a Swiss citizien and has worked for over 25 years in top executive positions across various industries and in more than 25 different countries, mostly in developing and emerging markets.

He has been responsible for the growth and development of multi-billion infrastructure projects that were previously in substandard performance, successfully restructured difficult and failing ventures in emerging markets, and helped to successfully settle intractable conflicts.

His career has taken him to Latin America, the United States, and the Middle East and throughout Asia. Apart from his extensive involvement in top management positions, he acts as a mental trainer and motivational speaker and has added his vast life and leadership experience to empowering thousands of people for living and leading authentically.

Because of his outstanding business performance he has gained a reputation of credibility and integrity, earned through his authentic life and leadership style, and has been entrusted with the most challenging leadership tasks from major companies around the world. Andreas is a real advocate for living an authentic life and becoming an authentic leader. He is teaching what he has experienced. In 2010 Andreas founded the BE SHiRO Group, consisting of various companies headquartered in Switzerland and India. The Group focuses on the integral empowerment of global leaders and organisations.

Andreas studied at various international universities and holds an MSc in civil engineering, an MBA in leadership and cross-functional teambuilding, and an MSc in logistics and supply chain management. Furthermore, he has a certificate in international conflict management and holds a diploma in mental training and coaching. He is the bestselling author of “DARE – Attain greatness through authenticity “”, a fable about leadership, self-help, and spiritual wisdom in a compelling narrative.

His vision is to empower 1 Million leaders to attain sweeping success on a global scale and make a breath-taking difference on this planet by creating shared value.

Apart from Global Confessions, companies have an outstanding opportunity to draw on a variety of further solutions to cement their learning experience and success: Andreas Dudas works with companies and leaders through high-impact solution & integration workshops, mastermind coaching sessions and empowering speeches to accelerate global business success.

“Accomplish the impossible”

Andreas has experienced not only an extremely successful career and private life over the last few decades, but also got the chance to “accomplish the impossible”.

It all started at the age of 27 when he was a young engineer with absolutely no working or leadership experience. At this point in time he had just joined one of the leading engineering companies when his boss died in an airplane crash. As a consequence the board of directors appointed Andreas as the new project manager of a 500 million US$ project.

Despite harsh criticism, envy and flak from shareholders who considered him as too young and unqualified, Andreas managed to build an extremely powerful team, completed the project on time and in budget within 6 years, and even cut the overall cost by almost 50 million US$.

By learning from this experience he refined and applied his success principles and effective leadership style to other extremely demanding challenges.

As a consequence,

  • Although he had never worked in a complex emerging markets before, he managed to successfully cope with extremely difficult conditions and revived ventures and grew it into one of the leading market players within the shortest period of time.
  • He became responsible for the growth and development of 90 multi-million infrastructure projects all over the world that were previously in substandard performance.
  • Within 3 years he grew a global division by nearly 200%.
  • He helped to successfully settle intractable conflicts and helped to save millions of US$.
  • He dared to follow his heart all the time, which in turn enabled him to reinvent successfully his career across various industries several times and advance each time into top management positions within incredibly short periods of time.
  • He applied his success principles and passion for people to empowering scores of individuals and leaders so that they attained greatness. Many readers of this book “DARE – Attaining greatness through authenticity” found the essential key for moving out of their comfort zone so as to live up to their dreams and accomplish great things.